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We have many volunteer positions. We also require people that have experience with food processing and food equipment

High schools students are able to achieve their 40-hour community service requirement. We welcome many school groups

Local businesses support volunteer community activity days for their employees. Talk with your co-workers about joining us!

Staff and volunteers associated with other mission-driven organizations come together to help us feed the hungry.

Local seniors are generous with their time and enjoy coming together to help us work on purposeful food relief activities.

Many faith-based groups enjoy volunteering with us and working on our shared mission, to help those in need.

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Local volunteers are the lifeblood of our facility’s production, packaging and shipping production.

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We appreciate our volunteers!
Local volunteers are the lifeblood of our facility’s production, packaging and shipping production.

Individuals, organizations, charity groups, high schools, faith-based groups, and employee groups all work together to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

We require 30 volunteers to work Monday to Friday (ages 14 and up) to keep our production line moving. Production volunteers work 8:00 am -11:30 am. All necessary equipment such as aprons, knives, gloves, and hairnets are supplied.
Fresh baked goods and refreshments are enjoyed daily.


Volunteers package and seal our vegetable mix and fruit snack mix following high standards of quality care.

Once donated produce is cleaned and sorted, it goes through an extensive preparation process. This includes deep cleaning, dicing, drying, and dehydration.

Lastly, mixes are carefully measured, labeled, and packaged.


The work at Southwestern Ontario Gleaners is purpose-driven and volunteer based. Everything we do leads up to providing nourishing food to those who are hungry.

Along with our food distribution partners, we participate in Food Relief Efforts worldwide, including remote northern areas of Canada.

Each year we increase our distribution outreach locations and expand our food mix production.

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