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Summer 2022 News

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Food for All Community Lunch

On May 24th, over 425 people attended and enjoyed a pasta lunch at the Roma Club in Leamington. It was the SWO Gleaners’ first fundraiser since the pandemic began, and it was a great success! Thanks to sponsorships and donations, over $30,000 was raised to go toward increased production of our soup mix for Ukraine. We are so fortunate that the greater Leamington community is so supportive. Thank you to all sponsors and attendees for making this event a great one!


As we move into the summer months, we want to recognize our volunteers who continue to do amazing work. We are now back to pre-pandemic numbers and production is going great! Thank you to all current, past, and future volunteers. The SWO Gleaners has become a fun community, where many valuable friendships have been made. There is always room for more, so please contact us if you are interested in volunteering!



Ukraine Response

The SWO Gleaners has sent 20 pallets (over 600,000 servings) of dried soup mix to Ukraine and Poland over the past couple months. Partnering with Loads of Love Humanitarian and Aid Agency, we were able to send out product in response to the crisis in that area. We pray for a peaceful end to the war, and stand by the people of Ukraine who are going through this terrible time. Another shipment is being planned for early July, which will see the total grow to over a million servings distributed.


2022 Food Distribution

By July 2022, we will have donated over 2.3 million servings of dried, vegetable soup mix and apple snacks to local food banks and international aid agencies.

List of Distribution Partners, amount donated from SWO Gleaners and location of shipments:

Loads of Love Humanitarian & Aid Agency – 1,208,000 servings to Ukraine/Poland

Canadian Food for Children – 862,000 servings to Central America and Africa (various countries)

Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – 72,000 servings to Cuba

Diocese of London – Migrant Worker Program – 52,640 servings to Southwestern Ontario

Kingsville Food Bank – 12,560 servings to Kingsville

St. Michael’s Church – 9840 servings to Leamington

Homes for Hope – 3000 servings to El Salvador

Salvation Army – 1250 servings to Leamington

Mental Health Connections – 1000 servings to Windsor

Recipient in Liberia

2022 Board of Directors: David Campbell (Chairperson), Greg Tiessen (Vice-Chair), Art Krueger, Vern Toews, Susan Ross, David Dent, Carmel Gerard, Liam Brennan, Lisa Jeffery, Tina Quiring (Treasurer) & Alison Klassen (Secretary)



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10 Year Celebration

The Southwestern Ontario Gleaners recently held an Open House and BBQ to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Thanks to amazing volunteers and donors, the SWO Gleaners has progressively increased their production and expects to distribute close to 5 million servings of dried soup mix and apple snacks this year alone. Over

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Group Outtings

Over the past few months, we have had groups come to help process or pack our product. Group outings are a great way to bring your group together and accomplish very meaningful work. For more information on bringing your group to SWO Gleaners, contact the office: at 519-326-7687 or [email protected]

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