Shipment Flys To Sandy Lake

On Friday morning, 10,000 pounds — or 4,536 kilograms — of food was loaded onto a Wasaya Hawker Siddeley 748 plane to fly to Sandy Lake, a First Nation community. The use of plane was donated by the First Nations-owned airline.

Wasaya Airways, Erb Trucking and the Trucks for Change network have all been instrumental in getting the donated food to its final destination.

Southwestern Ontario Gleaners donated a huge shipment of soup mix, snacks, and fresh produce. 

On Friday’s Superior Morning broadcast, Sandy Lake Chief Bart Meekis thanked the community’s “southern brothers and sisters.”

“Food is very, very expensive up north,” he said. “Maybe three or four times as high as down south.”

The shipment of donated food included 3,000 pounds of fresh carrots and other fruits and vegetables, as well as canned and boxed goods. This donation was the result of a partnership between CBC Thunder Bay, the Regional Food Distribution Association, and Wasaya, as part of the public broadcaster’s 2016 Sounds Of the Season special.

Article Source CBC News


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Southwestern Ontario Gleaners is a registered charity. All donations support our mission-driven objectives and activities to feed the hungry worldwide. We transform unmarketable surplus vegetable produce and fruit into dehydrated soup mix and fruit snacks. 


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