March 16, 2020
Volunteers and Supporters of SWO Gleaners
COVID-19 Important Update Notice

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, including here in Ontario, we want to give this update from the Southwestern Ontario Gleaners.

The SWO Gleaners’ main priority is the safety of its staff and volunteers. We want to respond in a responsible way, being mindful of our own health but more importantly the health of those most vulnerable to this virus. We want to respect those in authority who set out guidelines and recommendations to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Seniors, which make up a majority of our volunteer base, are in this most vulnerable category. In an attempt to “flatten the curve”, and to practice “social distancing”, the Southwestern Ontario Gleaners will:

Suspend daily operations for at least two weeks. We will not start up operations again until it is safe to do so.

The April 4 Annual General Meeting will be postponed to a future date.

The April 18 Fundraising Dinner will be re-evaluated on a daily basis and a decision will be made in the coming days.

Thank you for your understanding as we do our part to be responsible citizens around the ever-changing conditions surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. In the meantime let us all continue to help each other and support each other to get through this unprecedented time safely.

 Joel Epp
General Manager,
Southwestern Ontario Gleaners


Southwestern Ontario Gleaners is a registered charity. All donations support our mission-driven objectives and activities to feed the hungry worldwide. We transform unmarketable surplus vegetable produce and fruit into dehydrated soup mix and fruit snacks. 


Distribution Areas

Our food mixes are distributed locally, nationally, and internationally for food relief efforts.

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